Friday, 19 April 2013

I got in a twitter argument with a grown man

Recently on the Daily Mail (shudder) I read an article by 'mens activist' Peter Lloyd about how women only times at the gym were like totally morally wrong and he is very upset about it. (the article is here:

In response to this I tweeted to the EverydaySexism account, stating 'daily mail strikes again'. This morning I awoke to a tweet from Lloyd which said 'Wrong. I just want men to be treated fairly - sorry that you consider this sexist.'
HOLD THE FUCK UP. MEN AREN'T BEING TREATED FAIRLY???!!! WELL I'M SORRY MR LLOYD AS A WOMAN I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT FEELS. His patronising tone just took the biscuit. Here we are encountered by yet another misogynist cis male who is sad because silly ladies can't exercise in the presence of great amazing men. His arguement in the article is that old and gay men shouldn't be penalised for having penises, and they are missing out on hours that they have paid for. In my opinion, a man is a man and regardless of his sexual orientation or age, his presence can still make women extremely uncomfortable. Also a woman cannot tell if a guy is gay just by looking at him, unless he is wearing a massive flashing sign. Sigh.

So I respond to this with 'men have privilege over women, that is a fact. sorry if you can't see that this is sexist.' To which he replies 'Don't you see women have the unfair privilege at my gym? Or is privilege ok when it benefits a woman?'

Let me just set this straight. Female privilege does not exist. The reasons why we get 'privileges' is because the patriarchal society we live in wants to do as much as it can to keep us down. The reason women get their own time at the gym is because the gym would lose a lot of custom if they felt unhappy with being in the presence of men at every stage of their work out. It's all to do with money, which masquerades as caring and protection for the women involved.

Lloyd has not responded to my last tweet of 'in my opinion,women do not have privilege in any area.a women only time is not a privilege,it is a necessity.'
I am a 19 year old girl. This is a middle aged man. Starting cute little arguments on a social network site.

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